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Kellolehti, Tick-Tack-Armbanduhrenmagazin, Klocktidningen and Urmagasinet information

Kellolehti (in English The Watch Magazine) is the first commercial watch magazine in Finland
which is printed in Finnish. The first broad printed issues sold out on newsstands. Kellolehti has
gotten thousands of subscribers as well. 2018 we are starting two new watch magazines in Scandinavia: Klocktidningen in Sweden ja Urmagasinet in Denmark. The circulation of those three magazines is over 80.000 copies per issue! The newest news: our German language watch magazine is going to start this year called Tick-Tack-Armbanduhrenmagazin. Circulation grows again dramatically! 2019 we are starting three new watchmagazines in the large language areas.

Kellolehti tells news about the world of watches. With a modern layout and extensive articles,
Kellolehti offers an excellent platform for advertisers and readers. Kellolehti is for sale in over a
thousand Lehtipiste-newsstands for example in Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, Prisma and Citymarket department stores and the R-kiosk chain. Magazine is also for sale in Lehepünkt-newsstands in Estonia.

Kellolehti visits some of the most significant and most exciting watch factories in the world.
Kellolehti is also doing long articles with a lot of impressive figures in the watch industry. Every
issue has at least a hundred pages of watch related articles.

Kellolehti comes out four times per year. Media information of Kellolehti is available in English on
request. Our print run is almost 20.000 copies per issue. Our social media channels are available for advertisers, and these are included in print media prices. Advertisers cannot find better a medium to reach watch and jewellery enthusiasts in Finland at a very reasonable price.

In 2018 Kellolehti is available as an internet version. High-quality paper and perfect print in
PunaMusta Finland makes an excellent media to reach the wealthy in Finland. They are spending
lot of money on watches, jewels and other luxurious goods.

German-language Tick-Tack-Armbanduhrenmagazin is distributed of the biggest independent company IPS. They have 110.000 newsstands and selling points (kiosks, train stations, airports, malls and so on).

Our targets in 2019- 2020 is to publish magazines in France, Italy, Spain and USA.

We have done research of our readers (Kellolehti). Some figures:

72 % men and 28 % women
42 % of readers lives in Southern Finland
64 % live in their own apartment
84 % have bought or are going to buy a new car
92 % are going to buy a new watch in a following year
98 % think that Kellolehti is a high quality magazine
Research was done by phone and internet form. The biggest part of readers are gifted or
partnership. About 50 % of readers have subscribed to Kellolehti.

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Publisher: Oy Editore Ab
Address: Oy Editore Ab, Nordvästpassagen 4 B b, FI-00200 Helsingfors, Finland
Switchboard: 358503512230 (from Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 3 PM Eastern Europe time, except Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM)
Email: info(ät)
Publisher: info(ät)
Bank Account: Nordea Bank AB FI85 1544 3000 0816 09 NDEAFIHH
Advertisement sales: tel. 358400691301
Subsciptions: Four issues 29 euros to Finland (limited time offer, normal price 34 euros). Other countries 49 euros for four issues.
Single copy: 8,90 euros (available over 1500 newsstands in Finland, Estonia and Sweden).
ISSN 2489-3919